The Best Planters for Office Common Areas

There is a lot of discussion about how we will continue working after the current pandemic. Many of us have discovered a new way to do our jobs through remote working. Are we required to work at an office desk? Do our employers consider our safety and health a top priority?

Many people realize there’s another way to work from home. When people return to work,

There is a lot of discussion about how we will continue working after the current pandemic. Many of us have discovered a new way to do our jobs through remote working. Are we required to work at an office desk? Do our employers consider our safety and health a top priority?

Many people realize there’s another way to work from home. People will often demand rapid changes to their traditional workplace when they return to it (if they do).

Employers should consider creating comfortable social areas and allow employees to socialize, relax, and co-work. Employees are increasingly looking for flexible work and scheduled breaks. Therefore, creating common areas in the workplace could be a great way to make them feel welcome back at work.

This article will show you how to use planters in common office areas. It’s a great way to make extraordinary spaces that employees love. Combining vibrant plants with comfortable furniture can create “recharge rooms” that increase employee morale, draw new talent and improve employee retention.

Essential Features Of A Common Area

Some key features will make your workplace unique and enjoyable for employees. Common areas should be created with users in mind. What is most important to them? What amenities are they looking for? What is it that makes people feel relaxed?


Comfort should be the main focus of any common space. Comfortable, large, comfortable chairs and sofas that people can sink into are crucial. The human body is very stressed by sitting at a desk for long periods. Employees need to be able to get away from their desks.

It is worth looking into adding standing tables or desks to your office. They provide a welcome break from sitting all day. Perhaps over a cup of coffee and chatting with colleagues.

Natural Lighting

Many workplaces expose employees to artificial lighting five days a semaine. Artificial light can negatively impact human health, according to research. It increases the risk of eye problems, depression, sleep disorders, and other issues.

Health reasons are vital, and more than 80 percent of employees agree. Another 32 percent believe natural lighting makes them happier at work.

There are a lot of plants!

The magic of plants is truly amazing, and they have many key benefits. They look great and add a touch of nature and improve productivity.

Employees will be happy to have greenery in their workplaces, whether you keep it simple or add many colors.

Use planters in common office areas

Planters are more than just homes for plants. Planters are more than just a place to put your plants. Planters have many options, including various colors, textures, and styles. Planters can be as important as flooring, furniture and lighting in your overall design.

These are great tips to help you use planters in your common space.

Analyze the Space

First, analyze the space and determine the strengths and weaknesses. It would help if you were looking for places that need to be brightened up or where you can add static items.

Take a stroll around the space, looking at it from different angles and perspectives. Note what planters you feel would look best. A taller planter might be the best for dark corners. If you have more space, a customized steel planter will work well in the middle of the room. You can imagine planters that are already in place.

Add the Planters to Your Layout

Once you’ve pictured the planters at the different locations, start to draw them in your layout. This is the best way to visualize the space you want to create. Planters are not only beautiful objects but also serve as dividers, partitions and walls.

Large outdoor planters can be useful for dividing up tables and seating areas. These planters can provide privacy for those seated or protect them from the elements if they are outside. Planters can be an integral part of your design.

Select the Styles

Once you have decided on the type of indoor plants, you would like and their destination, you can start to select the design of your planters. Modern planters are available in various materials, colors, textures, and finishes. It cannot be easy to choose the right style for your layout.

It is easier to concentrate on one material. The decor theme you choose should dictate the material that you use.

If you want a minimalist design, you can choose fiberglass or metal planters in neutral colors and simple shapes such as square, tapered, and round. You may need terracotta or customized plants in bolder colors or shapes for art deco designs.

Do not clutter your common area.

It’s easy to become obsessed with plants and make your common space a jungle. It is important to keep the space clear and avoid cluttering. This can make the area feel cluttered and disorienting for anyone using it.

Indoor planters do not have to be placed on the floor, worktops or shelves. You can hang plants from the ceiling or walls to create a jungle-like atmosphere without cluttering the main floor.

You can concentrate the plants on one focal point if you don’t want any plants in your common area. You can make an island of greenery by using large, customized planters.

Using Large Planters

One of the most popular trends in the most well-known office common areas is using large planters with unusual plants. These plants are ideal for creating a jungle-like environment that many people love to be surrounded by.

Large plants can make a statement with their bright green leaves and bold style. Consider the style, color and texture of the large plants you choose. You should ensure that they fit the design.

These are the Best Planters for Common Areas

It cannot be easy to choose the right indoor plants. We’ve compiled a list of our top picks for indoor planters to inspire you.

Alicante Tapered Fluted Plant Pot

A modernized version of a classic, timeless design that works well in contemporary and modern interiors. This planter is made from weather-resistant, ultra-strong fiberglass and can be used in any modern common space.

Pots such as the Alicante add a little luxury but don’t seem too extravagant. These pots make interesting focal points in any interior design.

Fulton Modern Metal Divider Planter

Fulton metal partitions are the perfect way to add privacy and make a statement. You can choose the perfect partition for your area from durable metal.

Dividers are essential if you want to create a shared area for people to relax and work together. Dividers help draw the line between areas used for meetings and those for work, as well as areas where people can relax and take a break.

Amesbury Tall and Narrow Planter Box

The Amesbury tall garden planter is a blend of modern design and classic appeal. This planter is best suited to a modern, minimalistic style. It makes a striking addition to any common space design.

Tall plants are eye-catching and stimulating features. They often enhance walkways and walls and add natural elements to the home. Your plants can be displayed high to create a focal point.

Saint Tropez Tall Vase Planter Pot

Saint Tropez is a blend of minimalism and tradition. It adds elegance to any space and looks great when surrounded by large, lush green plants.

These tapers, which are subtle and elegant, make a beautiful focal point. They can be used to frame windows or doors or highlight art. You can use the Saint Tropez Tall Vase Planter Pot individually or place several of them on top of each other in room corners or on worktops.

Low Profile Planter Boxes

These low-profile planter boxes look great in any interior or exterior design. These planters combine classic and modern design with high-quality construction.

Low-profile fiberglass planter boxes are great for patios, walkways and common areas. Plants will thrive in low-profile planter boxes that elegantly add to common areas.

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