The Best Low-Maintenance Plants for Businesses

It’s easy to find the right planter for your business with our wide selection of planters. We have a wide range of planters available in different sizes, shapes and styles, so there is something for everyone. It is not easy to find the right plants that are non-killable for your planters.

 However, knowing which plants would be most suitable for your business and what might work best for you can be difficult.

We have compiled a list of the most low-maintenance, unkillable plants that are best for workplaces and businesses. We have everything you need to beautify your hotel reception or improve your office space. These are the best plants for improving air quality and sprucing up your business.

Cacti, Crassulas and Aloe, are the Stubborn Succulents

The size and shape of a plant and the climate will all determine how much care it needs. Because they have special requirements regarding light and fresh air, some plants need to be located in specific areas within a business.

However, succulents such as Crassulas and Aloe don’t need to be supervised and will not burden you with any responsibility. Succulents can do the exact opposite. Cacti, a plant is known for its ability to withstand drylands and deserts, is a contender for being the bomb-proof plant.

It would help to consider where your cacti will live in your setup. They are not plants you want to be bumping into or rubbing against. They can tolerate almost any environment and only require water once a month. They are available in various sizes and colors, making them an excellent choice for any business environment.

Other succulents are great options for adding color and vibrancy to your garden. They only require watering twice per month. Crassula Ovata, also known as the jade plants or any Aloe genus succulents, are easy to care for. They can be grown in the shade, look neat and tidy, and are easy to maintain.

The rule of thumb when watering plants is to make sure they are thicker than their leaves. A few large, well-maintained aloes in some fashionable planters can make any business setting more appealing and low-maintenance.

Cacti, Crassulas and Aloes are all popular because of their unusual and striking appearances. They require little to no care and can thrive without constant attention. Our Distinctive Organic Pots are a striking and unique option for those types of plants.

Durable Dracaenas – The Sansevieria’ Snake Plant’

Due to its strength, the Sansevieria is known for many memorable nicknames. There are many other names for the Sansevieria, including “snake plant”, tiger’s tail, “mother-in-law’s tongue”, “viper’s Bowstring Hemp,” and “viper’s bowstring hemp”, all of which come from different parts around the globe. The “viper’s bowstring hemp” is the latter. This stems from the fact that strong fibers of this plant were used historically to make bowstring strings. It speaks volumes about the plant’s resilience.

Another plant that is easy to care for is the snake plant. It can be kept in a sunny area and only requires monthly water. However, it will tolerate a little bit of neglect. Sansevieria’s unique ability to store oxygen during the day and then release it at night makes it an excellent bedroom plant. It can also act as an air purifier in offices, restaurants, or hotels.

You would be wrong to think there must be a downside to all these positives. The snake plant is a success in every area: durability, appearance, maintenance, and versatility.

The Sansevieria plant is not your average-looking one. Its leaves are a striking sculptural display. Each leaf is individually rooted and as trendy as it is tough. This plant is ideal for indoor decoration year round. The vibrant colors of the leaves make it a great choice for minimalistic cylinder pots. It can be displayed in small to medium-sized shelf pots or, for a more stylish look, paired with the Tall Saint Tropez Vase Planter Pots, as shown below.

Impressive Ivys – Golden Pothos “Devil’s Ivy”)

They are great for adding green to dull areas. But they also have many other benefits. They are resistant plants that can be killed easily, like Dracaenas and succulents. They also purify the air and produce new leaves constantly.

Ivy is more demanding than other plants and requires more care. It needs to be watered every week, but this is because it can completely transform a space.

It can make a huge difference if you have the right setup for golden pothos. Because it can thrive in the dark while still being green and vibrant, golden pothos is sometimes called “devil’s Ivy”. This plant is remarkable because it has various shades of beautiful, heart-shaped marbled leaves. It can transform any dull corner or space into a lush, green oasis.

It can be placed in planters, and either falls or climbed up. The Salon Window Planter is the ideal home for golden pothos to flourish on windows, shelves, or anywhere else you like.

Indoor Palm Plants

Palm plants are a unique addition to interior business areas. They can also be as tough as other plant species. Some palm plants are elegant and subtle, while others have beautiful feathered leaves that add charm and character to their spaces.

Although some palm trees are known for their ability to decorate the sandy beaches of exotic islands or glamorous promenades along the coast, smaller indoor palms are easier to maintain and don’t need a tropical climate.

There are wide varieties of palm plants, and they come in various sizes. They must be watered once per week during the colder months and twice weekly during the heat.

The Kentia palm is a striking and unique plant that can instantly transform any space. Although they may appear to be very high-maintenance plants, they are not.

Kentia palm’s long, elongated leaves make it an ideal plant to fill a corner. Kentia palms are a bold statement-maker plant that injects life and character into dull rooms or business areas.

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia – The ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas zimiifolia, also known as the Zanzibar jewel because it comes from Africa, is a popular low-maintenance house plant.

This plant is a beautiful one with sturdy stalks and beautiful leaves. These plants’ roots are known for holding large amounts of water and can withstand prolonged periods of drought. It can survive for weeks without watering and does not require constant care. This makes it an ideal plant for beginners who might forget to take proper care of their plants.

It’s great for office desks and business environments in general. It can thrive in cool indoor environments and rarely flowers, so you won’t have to worry about it. It also has a nice, elegant, and leafy appearance.

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