Street Planters Guide: How to Transform Your Business Exterior with Planters

The exterior of a business says a lot. The exterior of a business has a significant impact on the staff and clients.

When potential clients and clients first see a business, they form their impressions. People who come and go often are either happy or sad when they leave the business. Staff who imagine themselves going to work in a boring place every day will not be as motivated to get up and go to work each morning with the same enthusiasm and determination they would if they were going to an active workplace.

Business exteriors are where people feel good about themselves and their business. It is crucial to make them inviting for clients as well as regular employees. A high-quality exterior planter is a great way to ensure a positive business entrance and exterior. People will be more comfortable entering a bright, green space than a dull and grey one.

We offer a brief guide to help you transform your business’ exteriors and entranceways using high quality business planters. These planters make a bold statement and add a natural, green touch.

Why use plants and planters for your business exterior?

  • Visual Impact

The primary consideration is visual impact. Although you might have heard the expression “Don’t judge books by their covers”, people often judge businesses before they enter.

If a business’ exterior looks boring, it will lead to the assumption that its interior is also boring. Plants can create an attractive space that reflects the business’ sophistication and progress. Plants are an integral part of modern exterior and interior design.

  • Environment Awareness

A contemporary environmental awareness is largely responsible for the popularity of plants, and planters . Every week, we are reminded of the incredible rate at which humans damage the environment. People are determined to work with eco-friendly businesses who are sustainable and environmentally conscious. This progressive and green attitude is easily associated with plants and planters.

  • Staff Wellbeing

Our connection to nature is diminishing in the digital and urban worlds we live in. People want to feel connected to nature, so bringing in natural elements and leafy plants to your business environment can have a tremendous positive impact on employee morale and business image.

The psychological and physiological effects that plants and their planters have on a business’s wellbeing are well-documented. The ability of plants to reduce noise pollution and temperature change has been proven. Plants are also said to reduce stress and be visually appealing. A high level of work satisfaction is associated with a decrease in absenteism, a better company reputation, and increased productivity.

Simple and sophisticated planters are the best for businesses

Despite all the benefits of plant life, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and do too much. It is usually a matter of quality over quantity, and keeping things simple and clean.

The best plants and planters for exteriors of businesses may differ depending on the company’s image and the message it wishes to send, but simple planters in neutral colors are almost always best.

Colored planters can be a great way to establish your company’s identity if you have company colors or a colour scheme. This is a great way to increase the visibility of your company’s colors and get people’s attention.

It is best to keep a business’ exterior as professional and sleek as possible. While your marketing and logo are the main focus, it is important that your exterior and entryway look professional.

Choose neutral tones such as whites, greys and blacks that are in harmony with the building’s surroundings. Black is always a winner because associate it with intelligence, confidence and reliability. It gives your business exteriors a professional and clean look. Another popular choice is white, which allows greenery to shine through.

When choosing planters to decorate your business’ exterior, keep it simple. You don’t have to be creative with your planters. Your business should look professional and not overwhelming.

What Shape and Size are the Best Planters for Businesses?

It is up to the buyer to decide what shape and how big they prefer. However, it is best to stick with one size and shape, no matter how many planters are used. Your business’ exterior will look neat and organized if the dimensions are the same.

You can choose from quadrilateral or spherical designs. Stick to the same theme. A few square planters at the property’s front can transform a building’s atmosphere, adding greenery and harmony.

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