Planter Design Ideas: Inspiring Concepts For Outdoor & Indoor Spaces

As we’ve seen, plants can increase productivity and engagement in workers’ work. Plants can reduce sick days and offer many other benefits. All this is covered in our blog post about the advantages of plants in the workplace.

Planters make it easy to add plants to offices. There are many styles and sizes to choose from, so you can find the right fit for your office. It doesn’t take many planters to add some color and life to your office. A few plants can make all the difference.

An Indoor Garden

Indoor garden spaces can bring a building alive. These spaces offer visitors a peaceful place to decompress, relax, participate in social activities, and even work. Amazon loved this idea so much that they built huge echodomes near their Seattle headquarters to let workers unwind and visit during their downtime.

You don’t need to do a huge project. However, you can create your mini version of this famous project using pots and planters. You can create an indoor garden by filling a space with many different-sized plants. This will be a crowd favorite.

Lobby and Reception Centrepieces

Planters are a striking design element that can add a new dimension to important spaces such as reception and lobby areas. They are warm and inviting and can create important visual contrasts that make spaces more memorable and engaging.

A spark of color and life can be more than just that. The use of plants in lobby areas can help to purify the air and welcome people into a clean and inviting space. You can use plants such as lavender to give your reception areas a natural, inviting aroma.

Make Natural Partitions

You can create effective and beautiful office partitions by using narrow and thin planter boxes. This will allow you to separate your workforce and increase concentration without having to make large cubicles. You can easily add tall plants such as bamboo to create space-conscious barriers and ensure your staff doesn’t feel encircled by concrete jungles.

Do you love the idea of removing old-fashioned cubicles and creating office partitions with vibrant plant life? You can give your office a natural look with our rectangular plants.

Planter Design Ideas For Outdoor Spaces

Draw the Eye to Entrances and Branding

When consumers are increasingly competitive, it is more important than ever to grab people’s attention. Attention is important, even if you aren’t trying to sell people something. Attention makes you stand out; it builds your brand and reputation and creates opportunities.

How can we use planters for such growth cultivation?

Planters and tall, striking or large plants can be used to draw attention to areas you wish people to notice. These could be signs, doors and entrances, and menus outside restaurants or storefronts that display products or offers.

Why should we plant plants to be noticed?

Modern planters have a sleek design that exudes sophistication, elegance, and luxury. You can also choose rustic designs that emphasize sustainability and rural appearance. Planters can make powerful statements and give people an immediate impression of your brand. They also help to sell the idea of “you”.

Planters are simple to design, but they can produce great results.

It would help if you grabbed the attention of someone. Subtle won’t work. Our tall planters will help get your designs noticed.

Make Journeys and Pathways

Planters are a beautiful and elegant way to guide people to a certain place, such as a reception or outdoor dining area. Planters can be a more attractive option than simple fencing or rope barriers.

Our outdoor paths can be transformed into a beautiful journey of lush plant life and stunning fiberglass design. Our range of modern potters will provide everything you need.

Bring Life To Urban Scenes

People love being around plants. Psychology studies have shown that plants make us happy. Although there aren’t any definitive answers, it doesn’t make much difference if we do know. Urban environments are often lacking in plant life. This means that many people are missing out on the quality time spent in nature, which is what our brains long for.

Planters can be used to create outdoor spaces that feel closer to nature. Planters are popular for restaurants and hotels to brighten outdoor spaces. Planters are a great way to make outdoor space more attractive and enjoyable for people to spend time in.

You need durable materials that can withstand the elements. However, style and durability should not be sacrificed. Outdoor planters offer the best, combining high-quality design and durable material.

Exclusive Areas Get Privacy

Plants can be used to create privacy. This is a common design strategy in property development. Plantlife is a great way to create tall, effective barriers people love to look at. This idea isn’t practical if there aren’t any places to plant your privacy plants. Planters allow you to create privacy features with plants that don’t require green space.

We bet you didn’t know that plants can profoundly benefit indoor and outdoor environments.

Increase productivity among workers. Reduce stress for all types of people. It can also drive customer engagement and happiness, which could translate into more.

How can you use plants if you don’t have any green space?

Another simple answer is to use planters.

Planters can be used to integrate a wide range of plants into your interior or exterior design. Planters can bring the wild to your urban space with vibrant flowers and towering trees.

Planters may be the answer. But how can we use them in our designs? We are experts in planters and have some inspiring planter design ideas to get you started.

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