Best Pots For Indoor Plants: Top Indoor Planters

You are looking for the ideal indoor plants to transform your interior spaces such as offices, reception areas or hallways. The promise of new design possibilities and revitalization of old and dull spaces is what indoor plants can do. Indoor plants are more than just a way to revitalize interior design. Indoor plants have been shown to improve both mental and physical health. They filter out allergens and irritants from the air and can also boost mood and happiness.

Indoor plants offer many benefits that are hard to ignore. However, planters will be necessary to enjoy these benefits fully. What planters are best? This guide to the best indoor plant pots contains all you need.

Fiberglass pots

Fiberglass pots are available in many sizes and shapes. We are not referring to the variety of fiberglass pots available but rather the material used. Fiberglass is a great choice for indoor planter products because of several reasons. Fiberglass is lightweight, which makes it easy to transport and allows for simple interior design modifications. Fiberglass pots are durable and hardy, making them ideal for high foot traffic areas. Fiberglass pots are also resistant to corrosion and require little maintenance over their life span. They are durable pots that can be used for plants that don’t require much attention. Fiberglass pots are stronger than plastic pots and easier to use than other types of planters.

Rectangular Pots

Rectangular pots, long and narrow, allow you to arrange plants in rows. These planters are deep enough to allow you to grow a wide range of species, including tall and reaching bamboo and flowers in rows. These pots are best placed against walls to create a frame or fill spaces. They can also be used along corridors to grow greenery and plants without too much space. These pots can be found on walls, but they can also work in open spaces to create natural-feeling partitions. Rectangular pots are becoming increasingly popular in co-working areas and office spaces. To help with foot traffic flow, rectangular planters can be integrated into designs. To guide people’s movements, rows of rectangular containers may be used as barriers.

Square Pots

There are many square pots, from smaller desktop pots to larger ones for floors. Because of their angular shape, they can fit neatly in corners. This can save space and make adding design elements that don’t work with other items easier. They are also great for fitting into tight spaces or onto shelves. Designers prefer square planters because they conform to straight-edged design features. If you have many neat edges or rows like tables or desks, the flat sides of the square plants will fit in with the theme and look great.

Tall Pots

Tall pots are available in two forms: a cylindrical shape or an upright rectangle. They can also be designed to be tapered to create unique styles. They are a versatile type of plant pot and are often placed near entrances or doors to frame them. They are tall and look great next to entrances, so they don’t seem out of place. They can also be used in other places. Tall pots are ideal for complementing tall furniture like bookshelves and wardrobes. This principle is the same as for a doorway. Stature prevents the pot from being overshadowed or distorted by furniture. Tall plants are often placed in tall pots to increase their height and ensure the plant looks in place. Tall planters can be attractive for plants with a lot of volume or width.

Bowl Pots

Bowl pots are often associated with exotic designs, such as Mediterranean gardens overlooking breathtaking ocean views. They are most commonly used indoors to add sophistication and style to designs, not for practical purposes.

Bowl pots are low-lying and have a wide base. They’re great for succulents and other plants that require little work.

Window Box Planters

Window box planters refer to traditional fiberglass or wood planter boxes you can find decorating furniture from the living room to the reception desk at a hotel lobby.

These smaller and complementary pots make it possible to introduce plants into small spaces unsuitable for larger pots. These pots can add greenery or color with flowers and plants such as lavender, which is a popular choice.

Round Pots

The classic round pot is a versatile pot that can be used to complement any design.

Round pots look great and can be used almost anywhere. The round pot is the most versatile design of pots. It can be used anywhere, from sitting on a table to being placed in the corner of a room.

Large pots

Sometimes plants can be a statement piece. For example, when you enter a reception area, you are confronted with a tree. Big plants are becoming a more popular choice for design. They can make a huge impression and can be used to improve aesthetics in large spaces that are hard to fill with traditional furniture or plants. For big plants, you need large pots. Although large pots come in many shapes, they are typically tall and have a square base. Their large space allows plants to grow roots deep and collect water. They also offer the stability that will prevent the pot from tipping over.

Wholesale Pots

All pots can be wholesale pots. There are many types of wholesale pots: rectangular and square, tall and shallow, as well as tall and narrow pots.

You can save big on your purchase orders by using the wholesale planters program we have at Pots, Planters & More. This wholesale program is ideal for large-scale design projects that need many pots or planters.


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